Nevada Voters Turn Against Democrats Over Inflation

Despite normally being in a sea of deep blue, Nevada now sees Democrats fleeing from the party in droves over the ineptitude of the Biden administration’s failed economic policies.

The New York Times reported that the state’s Democrats are bracing themselves for what may be a seismic shift in November’s elections. And the culprit is the same as it is across much of the nation — skyrocketing inflation.

The Times noted working class voters shouted their anger at pollsters from the Culinary Workers Union in a working-class neighborhood. Normally a Democratic stronghold, what canvassers found instead were people fed up with paying more and more for everyday items.

The Nevada Independent conducted a poll showing incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto and Gov. Steve Sisolak, both Democrats, slightly behind their Republican challengers.

Even the union canvassers had to admit that “working families are hurting,” and there is a growing fear and angst among the rank and file that November may be a turning point.

And it’s not just in Nevada that voters are expressing their displeasure with the nation’s economic woes. A new Monmouth University poll released Monday showed that Republicans lead Democrats across the country heading into the midterms.

A majority of voters said that the GOP should retake control of Congress, with 47% favoring Republican control to 44% preferring Democrats. The late September numbers represent a 4% uptick for Republicans and a 6% loss for national Democrats.

Further, despite every effort to make the November elections a referendum on everything but inflation and the economy, 82% of likely voters say these are extremely or very important.

That number is far ahead of the 56% who list abortion as their number one concern and the 32% whose focus is on COVID-19.

Polling also found that independents are more concerned about skyrocketing inflation than any other current issues.

Voters in Nevada and across the nation see the Biden administration’s handiwork every day, whether it’s at the pump or on the grocery shelf. No sleight-of-hand is going to distract them from what they clearly see, and that is a rudderless economic ship that needs a correction.