New COVID Cases Disprove Leftist Narratives

For years on end, at this point, leftists and health officials have been screaming from the rooftops about masks and vaccines being the key to ending COVID. The argument from these officials was that masks stop the spread, and, at first, they said the same thing about COVID vaccines.

Eventually, the narrative shifted. It went from COVID vaccines stopping the spread to preventing people from getting hospitalized and dying. However, there are some cases where even this is not true.

Now, amid a population where more than 70% of the country is vaccinated, there are mass breakouts of new cases, apparently driven by the omicron variant of COVID. As noted by Fox News, these case surges utterly disprove leftist narratives about mask mandates and vaccine mandates.

In the red state of Florida and the blue state of New York, they see case surges in the 75,000 to 85,000 range. It comes despite vaccinations, people wearing face coverings, and even despite people getting their booster shots.

Florida and New York are far from alone in the rise of case surges. Vermont, the state with the highest vaccination levels in America, is also experiencing increases in COVID cases. Therefore, this directly serves as evidence against the narrative that vaccines are the key to putting COVID behind us.

It’s also worth noting that in New York, the state has very stringent vaccination mandates and mask mandates. Yet, despite the leaders’ measures meant to combat COVID, none of this is stopping the virus from running wild in the community.

The surge in cases quite frankly shows that no matter how much people double mask or triple vaccinate, COVID isn’t going anywhere. As President Trump said early last year, COVID is something Americans will have to learn to live with.

We can’t shut everything down each time new COVID cases emerge. We also can’t allow the government or even the private sector to impose tyrannical medical mandates on individuals, regardless of how they seek to justify it.

Omicron is the latest strain to mutate from the original COVID. It is good news because Omicron is significantly less dangerous than other versions of the virus.

The symptoms of Omicron are essentially parallel to nothing more than the common cold. It seems to suggest that as COVID mutates, it’s becoming less harmful to the general public.