New Democrat Bill Would Force Women On The Front Lines During War

Feminism has gone full circle, and women, and men for that matter, should question the outcome of policy changes that could have ramifications for the next generations.

Senate Democrats are attempting to put policies in place to require women to register for the draft. Women have historically been a protected gender and moving forward, and it should be no different. Biologically, women have less muscle mass than men do. Though they can be powerful, it usually doesn’t naturally occur, and the drive to seek violence isn’t a component in the female mind in most cases.

Women frequently make excellent soldiers in the military and succeed in a lot of different confrontational environments. Still, the women who do so have chosen to pursue that type of career. Women, in contrast to men, thrive in environments where the level of danger is minimal. It isn’t a jab at women as a whole, but to understand why this is the wrong move, you have to understand the biological components women are given.

Jordan Peterson is a fantastic reference for many topics, especially feminism and the “male patriarchy” argument feminists tend to throw at men. Peterson says, “There are only two reasons men and women differ. One is cultural, and the other is biological. And if you minimize the cultural difference, you maximize the biological differences, so I know everyone is shocked when they hear this. This isn’t shocking news. People have known this in the scientific community for at least 25 years. And it’s been replicated in the past month three times from 3 separate samples including in Science, which is the world’s greatest scientific magazine by a large margin, and it isn’t a small effect, it’s a huge effect.”

So, to put that into simpler terms, when the difference between women and men are socialized as equals, the biological differences tend to outweigh the cultural differences. This example has recently been implemented in the Olympic weightlifting competition. Laurel Hubbard will be the first trans-athlete in women’s Olympic sports. When socially, this has been accepted, the biological difference is displayed. Many people are upset about this because men tend to have more straightforward weightlifting because of their natural ability to gain muscle mass. Testosterone and other hormones go into that equation, but the biological difference can’t be ignored.

Feminists have slammed men, organizations, and businesses because they wanted equal rights for women. Women already have equal rights, but women choose specific fields at a higher rate than men and the same for men when given a choice.

Women make up 20% of the Air Force, 19% of the Navy, 15% of the Army, and almost 9% of the Marines. This statistic came from and shows that while women can sign up for the military and succeed, the rate at which that choice is made is much lower than men.

With all this information, what would be the benefit of having women sign up for the draft? It would take equality of opportunity and throw equality of outcome into our most important security force. And it would allow the possibility that an entire demographic would be put into the military who don’t want to be there and wouldn’t choose that when otherwise given the opportunity. A lousy picture for our country and a flawed conclusion for the conflict is not desirable.