New Hampshire Republican Makes Headlines Ahead Of Midterms

In multiple midterm races across the nation, Republicans are outperforming expectations.

One clear example of this is in Oregon, where the GOP gubernatorial candidate has a fair shot of winning the election. For perspective, Oregon has been well-known as a blue state for years.

Meanwhile, in many elections for the House of Representatives, Democrats are being outshined or otherwise losing their leads. The current election in New Hampshire’s 1st District is a prime example.

Victory in the Making?
Republican candidate Karoline Leavitt is currently challenging Rep. Chris Pappas (D-HN) for his seat in Congress.

Right now, polls show that Leavitt is behind Pappas by only one point. The New Hampshire Democrat has served two terms in office and there’s no doubt his barely-there lead is a concern for those working his campaign.

As Leavitt works to win her election, she’s been traveling across New Hampshire’s 1st District, debating Pappas, and letting voters know why they should support her.

In another promising sign, the New Hampshire Republican has earned the endorsements of various law enforcement groups, including the Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association (MPPA).

Across the country, many GOP candidates are landing endorsements from law enforcement groups as Democrats embrace radical, pro-crime policies.

The Most Important Elections of Our Lifetimes
This year, every single House and Senate race matters big time. Whether these elections are in battleground states, red states, or blue states, getting out the vote for Republican candidates will determine the trajectory of our country.

For almost two years, Americans have gotten a front-and-center look at what happens when Democrats control the House and the Senate. Leavitt representing the 1st District of New Hampshire will mean one more vote for America First policies.

This House seat will likewise play a vital role in blocking bad reforms that Biden will inevitably try forcing through Congress between now and 2024.