New Hampshire Voters Oppose The Build Back Better Agenda

Democrats are hard at work to con the nation into supporting Biden’s agenda known as Build Back Better. In typical fashion, leftists are lying about the extent of this legislation, claiming it will get Americans out of the current inflation rut we’re facing.

There’s a massive problem with this claim, though the problem is that it’s simply not accurate. If bringing down inflation is the goal, then the last thing this country needs to be doing is passing additional spending bills.

In New Hampshire, Democrat-socialist Bernie Sanders is hard to drum up support for Build Back Better. However, as National Review points out, the numbers indicate that Granite State residents are wise to this con.

The New Hampshire Journal confirms that 55% of the state’s residents believe federal spending increases to the tune of $2 million will ultimately drive up inflation rates. Merely 9% of New Hampshire voters told the outlet they agree with the White House’s claims that Build Back Better will lessen inflation.

Democrats want Americans to think Biden enjoys high popularity rates in New Hampshire. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Additional details from the New Hampshire Journal reveal that seven out of ten voters in the Granite State perceive America as being on the wrong track.

Moreover, 57% of New Hampshire voters view Biden as unfavorable, compared to just 43% who maintain a favorable view of the 46th president. In a recent Cato Institute survey, New Hampshire was ranked as the most accessible state in the nation, followed by Florida.

It makes sense that Granite State voters can see through the lies of the Biden administration.

The Build Back Better Act is tied up in the Senate as lawmakers debate over the legislation. Republicans remain firmly opposed to the bill, noting the many dangerous provisions, along with the reckless price tag.

Meanwhile, Democrats such as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are pushing to pass the bill when Christmas arrives. Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin, however, is saying the price tag and other elements of the bill concern him.

Manchin talked with Biden and the White House regarding the Build Back Better Act. The moderate West Virginia senator has been clear that some changes will need to be made to the legislation before he votes in favor of it.

It’s also critical to point out that in a Senate evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, Manchin’s vote is a must for Democrats to get the Build Back Better Act onto Biden’s desk.