New Labor Department Report Should Alarm Everyone

It’s one thing after the next with the Biden administration.

When the 46th president isn’t shutting down pipelines, he’s having the Federal Trade Commission launch bogus investigations into oil and gas companies. Never mind the reality that Biden himself is responsible for why energy prices are so high.

The president and his administration also continue to look the other way to avoid the mess of the economy they made. Meanwhile, everyday Americans don’t have the luxury of simply turning the other cheek.

Judging from new data out from the Labor Department, things are about to get a lot worse for everyday Americans trying to live their lives and stay above board, per The Federalist.

According to the Labor Department, inflation climbed by 6.8% between November 2020 and November 2021. That’s not all, though. The prices of energy in the United States also jumped by 33.3%. Meanwhile, Americans are additionally paying 58.1% more to put fuel in their vehicles.

In every area, the prices of essentials and other goods are increasing. The Department of Labor also recently shed light on a disappointing jobs report last month. The economy gained less than 50% of the jobs economists previously anticipated.

Since this report from the Labor Department, the Biden administration has still not announced any intended measures to turn the economy around. On the contrary, the White House works with Democrats on Capitol Hill to pass another spending bill.

If Democrats get their way and manage to pass the Build Back Better Act into law, even worse reports will come from America’s Labor Department. The numbers and details clearly show a broken economy that’s in desperate need of fixing.

The alarming news from the Department of Labor shows that the financial binds many Americans are struggling with won’t be going away anytime soon.

Thankfully, with the midterm elections coming up in less than one year, Americans will be in the position to vote new lawmakers into office. The country will have a chance to ensure Biden does not have reinforcements in the House and Senate who will pass his desired legislation without question.

What Congress needs is to be back under a solid GOP majority. With Republicans running the House and the Senate, they can serve as a line of defense against the poor policies coming from Biden.

These are the same policies that have led to terrible reports from the Labor Department. America will gradually recover from current damage with a Congress that keeps Biden in check.