New Orleans Mayor Joins List Of ‘Leftist Hypocrites’

When it comes to the COVID mandates the Democrat Party loves so much, their hypocrisy is astounding.

The same Democrats who issue mask mandates have no problem forgoing face masks themselves. The same health officials who tell everyday Americans to abstain from travel have no problem getting on a plane to reach their intended destinations.

Time and time again, these people fail to abide by their mandates. Yet, they simultaneously expect unwavering compliance from the masses.

Amazingly, Democrats still don’t seem to have gotten the memo that the optics of breaking the very public health guidelines you endorse and implement are terrible.

It explains the latest conduct of New Orleans Democrat Mayor LaToya Cantrell, as covered by Fox News.

Several weeks prior, Mayor Cantrell reimplemented a mask mandate for the city, citing a new surge in COVID and COVID variants as the reason why. In light of this, it would be reasonable to expect the mayor to adhere to the mandate she deemed necessary for public health.

However, there is nothing reasonable about the left, the pseudo-scientific mandates they enact, or their refusal to abide by what they preach.

This past Friday, the New Orleans mayor landed in hot water for attending a Mardi Gras celebration without a mask on. Cantrell believes the mandate she put in place is critical for everyone else, not herself, to follow in the name of safety.

Amazingly, various videos of the Democrat Mayor singing and partying without a mask have vanished from the internet since she was called out for ignoring her mandate.

Mayor Cantrell is far from alone. Other leftists to disregard their COVID restrictions include the Los Angeles Mayor, the New York City Mayor, the Democrat Governors of Michigan and California, and many more.

Between Democrats disregarding the guidelines they claim are for public health, along with the rising unpopularity of these guidelines, mandates are suddenly getting rolled back in various communities controlled by the left.

It isn’t because Democrats genuinely believe what they’ve been doing for the past two years is a problem. The shift is rooted in the left’s interest in salvaging what’s left of their chances to keep power in Congress and win other upcoming elections.

Therefore, the onus is on every voter not to let this sudden change make them forget who Democrats are or how they’ve violated Americans’ rights over the past two years.

With this knowledge, everyone must vote accordingly in November to ensure that leftists no longer hold public office.