New Police Report Could Cause Problems For Beto O’Rourke

Beto O’Rourke, the Democrat looking to unseat Greg Abbott as the governor of Texas, has some authentic problems on his hands. For starters, O’Rourke has a much smaller war chest and much lower poll numbers than Governor Abbott.

Secondly, since O’Rourke entered the Texas gubernatorial election late last year, it’s been one outright disaster after the next. During the onset of his campaign, a Houston resident went viral for shouting at O’Rourke during one of his campaign events, telling the Texas Democrat he wasn’t wanted.

Then, just earlier this year, O’Rourke tried to backtrack from his previous remarks that vowed to have the government confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens.

As the O’Rourke gubernatorial campaign continues to crash and burn in slow motion, a new police report involving one of his campaign aides certainly won’t help, as TheBlaze reports.

With “BlazeTV,” Sara Gonzalez has alerted the Dallas Police Department that an aide working for O’Rourke grabbed her and tried to take her phone during a weekend town hall event.

At the time, Gonzalez was using her phone to record an exchange O’Rourke was having with another person at the event; this didn’t sit well with a staffer working for the Texas Democrat. Later, after O’Rourke’s staffer was physically aggressive, Gonzalez also wound up being almost pushed down a flight of stairs.

Since the troublesome incident, the BlazeTV reporter stated she’ll be demanding body camera footage from the officer involved in the incident. Likewise, Gonzalez will be speaking with her lawyer about what transpired.

At this time, Beto O’Rourke has not made any public statements regarding Gonzalez’s claims of being subjected to physical harassment and violence at one of his campaign events.

Chances are, the Texas Democrat doesn’t want to draw bad press to a campaign that is already on life support. However, what happened to Gonzalez is not just going to disappear.

O’Rourke can’t make it go away by pretending as though it never happened. However, the Texas Democrat’s decision to employ staffers who don’t mind subjecting reporters to violence is all the more reason why he shouldn’t be in the governor’s mansion.

At some point, as this police report works its way through the proper channels, Texans shouldn’t be shocked if O’Rourke (or rather his team) does issue some meager, halfhearted apology about the incident.

However, if the polls in the Lone Star State are any indication, O’Rourke doesn’t have to ever worry about becoming the next governor of Texas.