New Poll Delivers Bad News to Biden

Many Americans are beginning to associate the Biden administration with hardship.

Some of the worst hardships facing America today are economic issues like high energy costs, higher interest rates and inflation.

Thanks to Biden’s leadership, Democrats are on a fast track to massive defeat in the midterms and whether or not this president even runs for re-election is questionable.

According to The Blaze, however, if Biden doesn’t seek another term in the White House, a new poll shows very clearly which candidates Democrats favor to continue Biden’s reign of terror over an economy that was once the envy of the world.

Alternatives to Biden in 2024

According to a new poll run by Harvard CAPS-Harris, 62% of Americans believe that Biden is far too old to be serving as president. This comes on top of another 55% of the country that questions Biden’s mental fitness.

Additional details from this poll show the favored Democratic hopefuls for 2024 include Vice President Kamala Harris and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Harris leads Clinton in the poll with 28% supporting her run, while Clinton’s support was only 15%.

The possibility of Clinton making another run for office in 2024 has come up multiple times. And there have been reports of dissatisfied progressive Democrats working to find a candidate to challenge Biden in a primary during the next presidential election.

In other news, Harvard CAPS-Harris was also able to show that over three-quarters of Americans have confirmed their lives have been negatively impacted by Biden’s inflation crisis.

Will Biden Make it to 2024?

Within the past several weeks, there have been various stories indicating that Biden’s presidency could end before 2024.

Some Republicans have noted that the president is no longer fully competent and needs to be removed via the 25th Amendment. After the president’s gaffes talking about regime change in Russia, using chemical weapons and US troops going into Ukraine, many Americans were alarmed. The White House immediately tried to walk his statements back, but the damage was already done.

Then, there’s the issue of impeachment. If Republicans win the midterm elections in November, there is a very strong likelihood of Biden being impeached. This is something that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has directly suggested.

All things considered, it’s more than safe to say that Biden’s political future isn’t looking so bright.