New Poll Shows Newsom Recall Effort Gaining Momentum In California

A recall election set for 2022 already suggests that the re-election for Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, is pretty low. As the new poll suggests, he may be ousted if the opposition candidate is a Democrat or a Republican with no close ties to the previous President Trump.

Previously, the Governor’s numbers were looking good, but the new poll sent warning signals to the Governor. Elections for Newsom’s recall will be held in September 2021. Voters will have to determine whether or not Newsom should be removed from office and who should succeed him. With 46 candidates running in the elections, there are 9 Democrats and 24 Republicans, with the rest being a third party or independent candidates. If the first question gets maximum votes, then Newsom will be recalled, while top votes to the second question will determine which candidate will succeed Newsom.

The new poll accounted for 48% in favor of appointing a new Governor while only 43% were in support of Newsom, along with 9% still unsure. Many of the recall supporters say that Newsom did not do an excellent job handling the state’s response to the pandemic. He could not even address the situation of the state’s homelessness rate. According to Eric Ting, with a majority in favor of appointing a new governor, Newsom’s chances in 2022 are not looking good. Because if the opponent is a Democrat with significant name recognition or a Republican who does not have very close ties to Trump, Newsom’s chances of winning are jeopardized.

In 2018, Newsom was elected Governor of California with 61.9 percent of the vote, a figure that has since dropped dramatically. It appears as California may soon have a new Governor.