New Poll Shows The Problems With Biden’s Presidency

When Joe Biden appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show, the president admitted that he’s no longer paying attention to them since his public approval ratings have significantly fallen into the 40% range.

While this shouldn’t come as a shock to Americans, it’s a prime example of why Biden is not doing so well as president. If he paid attention, cared about what matters to voters, and read the room, the 46th president wouldn’t have so many net negative approval ratings.

Sadly, Biden has demonstrated on countless occasions that he’s in no position to lead America in any appropriate manner. As PJ Media points out, a brand new poll tracking Biden’s job performance in a series of areas is a prime reason as to why.

If there’s one thing ABC News/Ipsos puts on full display, Biden can learn his lesson. Inflation is a top issue for Americans across the country. However, 69% of people do not favor Biden’s response to this crisis. Only 28% have a positive outlook on Biden’s inflation response.

Meanwhile, 57% of the country does not approve of how the 46th president responds to the economy. Considering that Biden and his aides have been prancing around America to promote the new infrastructure law rather than releasing a comprehensive plan to fix the economy, it makes perfect sense.

Amid all of this, the approval in how Biden has chosen to tackle crime and public safety in the United States has fallen from 43% in October to a current 39%. This change is directly correlated with the rise of homicides, thefts, and other lawless episodes happening in the country.

Likewise, since October, there has been a 7% decline to 32% in support for how the 46th president is dealing with gun violence in the United States.

The president of the United States must serve and act in the nation’s best interest. Biden cannot do this if he is not paying attention to what Americans are feeling and dealing with.

Biden’s approval ratings are falling with every new poll, especially for independent and Democrat voters. The ABC News/Ipsos poll revealed 71% of Independents, and even 54% of Democrats do not approve of the 46th president’s response to inflation.

Biden can continue burying his head in the sand if he so chooses. However, the 46th president should also be prepared to go down as the most incompetent and effective leader ever to be sworn into the presidency of the United States.