New Problems Emerge For Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke

Beto O’Rourke wants to be the next governor of Texas. Although a Democrat hasn’t held the Texas governorship since 1990, O’Rourke thinks he can change this.

However, there are a series of mounting problems facing his candidacy. For one thing, O’Rourke is standing behind uber-leftist, gun-grabbing policies that will ensure countless Texans vote against him.

Secondly, in a recent Texas Tribune poll, O’Rourke is behind Abbott by nine points. It’s not just the Democrat’s poll numbers and policies that pose challenges for him. Texas voters don’t care for O’Rourke either.

During one campaign stop in the community of Houston, a city native shouted at O’Rourke to “get out” and stated he wasn’t wanted as governor. However, it turns out events from the Texas Democrat’s past could further bury his chances of being governor, as American Thinker points out.

In 2018, news came out about a hit-and-run incident O’Rourke was involved in during 1998 while driving under alcohol’s influence. While he was previously forthcoming about the incident, he knowingly concealed that he moved away from the incident entirely to escape accountability.

During 2018 and 2019, the Texas Democrat was asked multiple times about whether or not he ran away from the incident resulting from him driving under the influence. In 2018, O’Rourke denied it. In 2019, he claimed to have given money to a woman named “Michelle” who was in the car with him during the hit-and-run.

However, police reports contradict what O’Rourke wants the public to believe. In 1998, the arresting officer on the scene said O’Rourke hit a tree and then immediately fled from what happened.

Once the officer finally caught up to O’Rourke, the latter was falling drunk and subsequently taken into police custody. The officer from 1998 also didn’t mention any female passenger with O’Rourke during all of this transpired.

As things stand now, “Michelle” appears to be a fictional woman O’Rourke made up to make his hit-and-run from drunk driving look slightly less awful.

O’Rourke’s questionable accounts of what happened in 1998 during his drunk driving episode are all the more reasons why he has no business being the governor of Texas. If the Democrat can’t keep his story straight in this regard, why should he be expected to handle all that comes along with leading a state?

Even if O’Rourke didn’t have this hit-and-run incident in his past, his policies alone are enough to disqualify him from being governor of the Lone Star State.