New Report Warns Violent Foreign Prisoners Are Coming To America

Republicans have continued to warn our nation’s wide open southern border poses national security concerns. Firstly, without immigration laws being enforced, there’s no way to fully screen who all is coming into the country.

Despite the potential for some very dangerous people to arrive in the United States, the Biden administration is refusing to secure the border. It turns out the White House is more upset about illegal immigrants getting rides to Martha’s Vineyard.

However, it looks like Republicans have been proven right yet again. A new report from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) now indicates that violent convicts from Venezuela are happily making their way into our nation.

Another Catastrophe on Biden’s Watch
DHS recently informed Border Patrol officials of the need to be on guard for Venezuelan migrants taking advantage of the southern border.

The report in question notes that Venezuela’s federal government is happily dispatching rapists, murderers, and other dangerous convicts from their country into America.

Despite the troublesome nature of this report, there are still many unanswered questions. For instance, DHS is not yet sure whether these particular migrants are mostly traveling in units or as individuals.

To make matters even worse, pinpointing Venezuelan migrants with rap sheets is easier said than done. According to DHS, America’s lack of a positive relationship with Venezuela creates significant barriers to accessing information stored in the country’s registry of known criminals.

Putting Americans in Harm’s Way
These latest revelations from DHS could have been avoided, had the president made securing the southern border a priority.

Much of the work was already done before Biden came into office. Nevertheless, he quickly got to work on dismantling gains made by the Trump administration.

Some of the Venezuelan migrants DHS is warning Border Patrol about may already be in the United States. The inability to vet these people means anything is possible, thereby adding to the long list of problems Americans face.

In real-time, crime continues to be a major issue for American citizens. Now, there’s no telling what all Biden’s opened the floodgates to and how many people may end up as collateral damage.

Naturally, the White House has not come out with any sort of statement regarding this intel from DHS.