New Texas Law Nets Thousands Of Illegal Migrant Arrests

In the face of the Biden administration’s willful indifference to the ongoing crisis of national security escalating daily on the nation’s southern border, recent efforts by the State of Texas to secure the safety of its citizens and their property are showing early signs of progress. As the Lone Star State has begun enforcing a new law that authorizes local authorities to arrest illegal migrants for trespassing, some semblance of sanity and order are being restored to the area.

The state legislature adopted the new law this year as part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) Operation Lone Star. Abbott describes the state’s approach as an “arrest and jail” operation being executed in cooperation with landowners along the state’s border with Mexico. Texas officers are thereby authorized to enter private landowners’ property to conduct searches and carry out arrests of illegal migrants entering from Mexico and trespassing on private property without permission.

Some leftist civil rights organizations have predictably challenged the new Texas law, claiming it is somehow unconstitutional. However, there are no legitimate objections to enforcing ordinary trespassing laws as they affect private landowners. The situation is legally no different than when a homeowner calls the police to remove an invader from their private property.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration’s lax border policies have led to an unprecedented surge in illegal crossings, with new record numbers of illegal migrant encounters reported in each year of Joe Biden’s time in the White House.

In the face of the record numbers of illegal crossings, the new Texas law has been instrumental in stemming the tide. The law has led to more than 37,000 total criminal arrests so far, including multiple gang members, human traffickers and other criminals from illegally entering the country, only to be released on the public by Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security.

Speaking about enforcing the new law, Texas Department of Public Safety spokesperson Ericka Miller told reporters, “Had we not been there, all of them likely would have crossed into the country unimpeded.”

Moreover, Texas’ efforts extend beyond just the thousands of new arrests. Through Operation Lone Star, the state has also undertaken significant logistical measures, including sending migrants to Democratic-led cities, installing physical barriers, and collaborating with other GOP-led states to bolster border security.