New York City is Becoming Overloaded With Illegal Immigrants

Not too long ago, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) said his community is a sanctuary city that’s more than proud to welcome any and all immigrants. Adams is likewise on record claiming that sanctuary cities are just and humane towards all individuals.

Yet, in spite of these claims, the New York City mayor has continued to lash out at Texas for sending illegal immigrants to his community. Texas, as a border state, is bearing the worst impacts of unlawful border crossings running amuck.

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) recently invited Adams to come visit the southern border and witness what the Lone Star State is up against. However, Adams turned down the offer, writing it off as a cheap publicity stunt.

Now, it turns out that New York City is running into its own capacity limits in terms of taking in illegal immigrants.

New Problems For New York City
Over the weekend, officials in New York City revealed they were unsuccessful in opening a Manhattan shelter designed to house migrants. To make matters even worse, the shelter was supposed to have been up and running two weeks prior.

New York City officials likewise planned to put illegal immigrants up at a Midtown hotel. However, this plan fell through, per New York’s Department of Homeless Services, which claims the plan is just not feasible going forward.

Housing isn’t the only challenge New York City faces when it comes to the migrants arriving in their community. Finding schooling for the children, along with providing healthcare to illegal immigrants, are each proving to be easier said than done.

Within the past three months, thousands of migrants have arrived in New York City from Texas.

Mayor Adams Out of Luck?
Similarly to his counterpart in Washington DC, the New York City mayor recently turned to the federal government to help him with managing this new influx of migrants.

Yet, the Biden administration has been clear that communities like New York City and the nation’s capital are essentially on their own.

Ironically, this disposition mirrors the same one that Texas and Arizona faced when they repeatedly spoke of their issues with migrants entering their states from across the Mexican border.

It turns out that Democratic mayors aren’t too fond of illegal immigration’s consequences when these consequences arrive at their own front doors.