New York City Mayor Could Cause ‘Major Problems’ With US Elections

For years now, Democrats have been pushing to rig the game of US elections in their favor. As the political left sees its support dwindling amongst Americans, they view their only course as getting more people into the country and turning them into leftist voters.

The political left’s support for illegal immigration and mass amnesty originates. Democrats figure that allowing people to walk over the border without a care in the world is the first step. Then, they want to grant illegal immigrants citizenship and voting rights.

Democrats are very aware that if illegal immigrants are given a chance to vote in America, their ballots will undoubtedly go towards the Democrat Party.

In New York City, legislation has been passed to allow “non-citizens” to vote. American Thinker points out how this could spread across the country and become a genuine problem throughout the United States.

When New York City Mayor Eric Adams gave the yes for “non-citizens” to vote in his community, he opened Pandora’s box. Of course, Adams and other Democrats justify this by claiming “non-citizens” are only permitted to vote in city elections, not state or federal elections.

However, the latter two are where this whole thing is going. In other communities, such as California, Maryland, and Vermont, there are scenarios where “non-citizens” can also vote.

Because of New York City’s latest measure passed, different communities are also looking into letting people who are not US citizens have a say in our country’s elections.

It is all a leftist ploy to get more voters to replace Americans waking up to the Democratic Party’s con. Pandora’s box being open to this extent raises questions about the next steps.

There are many schools of thought regarding how the country can save US elections from falling. Some patriots believe that Republicans should move to federalize our nation’s elections.

Other patriots are proponents of state-level election security legislation. Contrary to what Democrats have said about elections bills passed in GOP-led states, these are designed to ensure that elections are secure and without fraud.

Whatever path is taken, the time to choose is running out. Democrats are on the move and looking to rig the game in any way they can. Ultimately, the burden lies on Americans to ensure that leftists fail.