New York City Mayor Has Announced New Anti-Crime Measure

Crime is a problem that’s persisted in New York City for far too long. Year after year of left-wing leadership hasn’t done the city much good. However, Democratic candidates are who the community continues to vote into office.

A huge factor in Mayor Eric Adams’ winning the city’s election was his vow to end the crime epidemic. Adams stated during New York City’s mayoral race that his years of service as a police officer provided him with the necessary strategies to beat back lawlessness.

Thus far, this remains to be seen. Under Adams’ leadership, crime still very much stands. Yet, as it turns out, the mayor has announced a new measure to fix this, according to National Review.

A Deep Dive into New York City’s Latest Anti-Crime Measure

This past Monday, Mayor Adams informed his city’s residents about the return of Neighborhood Safety Teams, a crime-fighting unit that got dismantled in 2020 after the death of George Floyd.

According to Mayor Adams, Neighborhood Safety Teams are going to operate in five new precincts. This comes in addition to a long term goal of having the crime-fighting unit operational in 30 different precincts

Before the dismantling of the Neighborhood Safety Teams, police officers for the unit wore clothing that didn’t identify them as law enforcement. However, under Mayor Adams, these police officers are going to wear the uniforms to let the public know they’re on the job.

Back in 2020, before becoming the mayor of New York City, Adams criticized the takedown of Neighborhood Safety Teams. The long term success of its comeback will be revealed as time passes.

Another Important Measure

If Mayor Adams is as serious as he claims about reducing crime in New York City, he should consider rehiring the police officers he fired for not taking COVID vaccines.

Neighborhood Safety Teams, and New York City law enforcement in general, can benefit from having more police officers on the beat and able to work. Crime would certainly decrease if the community knew that more officers were working.

As things currently stand, criminals today know that fewer police officers working means a greater chance of getting away with various offenses.

Firing law enforcement officers for not taking COVID vaccines is also at odds with science as well. These vaccines do not prevent anyone from coming down with the virus or passing it along.

Whether Mayor Adams rehires these police officers will show his true levels of commitment to tackling crime in New York City.