New York City Mayor ‘Lambasted’ For Throwing Around The Race Card

New York City has once again landed in a situation where it’s dealing with many problems, mainly stemming from leadership. Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, talked at least a partially good game when he was still a candidate.

Adams campaigned upon his last time as a police officer, saying this experience would put him in the best position to end crime in New York City. Suffice it to say, Adams’ promises to cut back on lawlessness haven’t panned out.

More businesses are shutting their doors by the day. Meanwhile, crime is rampant, and New York City just fired a host of frontline workers for not adhering to the city’s COVID vaccine mandates.

All in all, New York City is a mess, and the Adams Administration isn’t doing anything to fix matters. Since being called out on this, the Democrat Mayor has claimed the media is twisting details because he’s black.

As TheBlaze points out, Adams has since been called out for making such a patently untrue claim.

Harris Faulkner, an Anchor for Fox News, called out the many problems with Adams, asserting that his race is why he’s being called out on problems in New York City.

Faulkner declared it was “cowardly” for Adams to toss around the race card in this manner. She also noted how she repeatedly reached out to Adams for interviews, yet he declined since entering politics.

The Fox News Anchor later pointed out that New Yorkers aren’t concerned with Adams’ race but with the levels of crime ravaging the community he’s leading. Faulkner explained this was unbecoming for someone who worked for the New York Police Department for over two decades and then campaigned on bringing an end to crime.

Finally, Faulkner concluded her message by stating the New York City Mayor should answer some questions from the media.

Weeks ago, when Biden visited New York City, Mayor Adams boasted about being known as the “Biden of Boston.” This statement went viral online, with many Americans noting this isn’t a compliment or a positive thing.

Biden’s unpopularity ratings are through the rooftops. Adams won’t be too far behind if he continues on his current course of action. In keeping with the leftist way, it appears Adams said what he thought was necessary to win an election, then, upon getting into office, lost motivation to fulfill his campaign promises.

Adams hasn’t publicly responded to the criticism from Faulkner.