New York City Mayor Tends To Keep ‘Fooling’ Himself

Earlier this year, Democrat Eric Adams was officially sworn in as the Mayor of New York City. While former Mayor Bill de Blasio is no longer in office, the policies of Adams might as well be a carbon copy of his predecessor.

New York City’s current Mayor has stood by de Blasio’s horrific COVID vaccine mandates. Likewise, the city continues to deal with terrible crime problems. However, this isn’t stopping Adams from standing by as New York City police officers are about to be fired for not taking the COVID vaccine.

Like other Democrats, Adams has kept mask mandates for children in schools. As Fox News covers, the Mayor of New York City doesn’t have an issue breaking his COVID edicts.

The New York City mask mandate for school children is inflexible and unscientific. Any kid on “school grounds” is mandated to don a face covering, even when they are outside.

Furthermore, Adams’ mask mandate for schoolchildren ignores the studies showing that classrooms and schools are some of the safest places that children can be.

In New York City, schools aren’t the only places with mandates. Restaurants and other establishments in the community have various mandates in effect. However, this didn’t stop Adams from going maskless at a restaurant.

Naturally, the New York City mayor has been called out on his hypocrisy. Once again, this shows that the very people putting these mandates into effect don’t honestly believe in their legitimacy.

If Mayor Adams believed that masks effectively stopped the spread, he’d be wearing his face covering within any establishment. Though, the New York City Mayor believes rules are for other people.

Sadly, Mayor Adams’ decision to violate his mask mandate is far from an anomaly. Countless Democrats across the nation make these COVID rules, and then they go out and do whatever they want.

To many Americans, it’s astonishing that Democrats expect the rest of the country to follow rules that they don’t even abide by. Every day, the agenda to keep COVID restrictions and mandates going on forever further unravels.

What happened in New York City is just a prime example of what everyone has known for quite some time. These mandates are rooted in control, not science. They must therefore be dismantled effectively immediately.