New York City Mayor’s Problems Keep ‘Piling Up’

When New York City elected Democrat Eric Adams to serve as their Mayor, they believed his leadership would fix many community problems.

However, merely six weeks into Adams’ mayoral tenure has proven just how wrong New Yorkers were on this front. The Mayor has already walked back one significant campaign promise he made.

While running for office, Adams said he would not defund the police. Furthermore, Adams repeatedly spoke at length about the dangers of cutting the funding for law enforcement.

Fast forward to a recent press conference, however, and the New York Democrat conceded that funding for the New York Police Department might see a slight decrease.

Likewise, Mayor Adams attracted criticism for claiming that media critics give him a hard time because he’s African-American. However, Adams’ latest professed plan to deal with the city’s subway system is riddled with its problems, as covered by TheBlaze.

At this time, more than 1,000 homeless individuals have been using the New York City subway system as a “home base” of sorts. Days ago, Adams explained that he’d have these individuals removed from the subway system, noting that it’s “game over.”

The Mayor’s strategy has been billed as the “Subway Safety Plan” that will have mental health specialists and law enforcement officers on the scene to handle the problem. Adams’ announcement comes when many New Yorkers have been targeted, and in some cases, had their lives taken, by homeless people.

However, in making this announcement, Adams didn’t share his plans to end rampant homelessness in New York City. The Mayor’s decision to seemingly have the homeless moved from Point A to Point B mirrors the shenanigans that have been happening in California when it comes to the vast homeless population.

Moving around the homeless doesn’t get to the root of the problem. At best, it is a band-aid on a bullet wound that needs much more extreme care and treatment.

At the same time, Mayor Adams announced that police officers would play a vital role in his Subway Safety Plan. He’s also fired multiple police officers in the city because they chose not to get a COVID vaccine. Other terminations are likely coming as New York City works its way through various requests for exemptions.

Simply moving homeless individuals from one location to the next is shaky at best. However, a depleted local police force makes Adams’ latest plan even more likely to be a failure.