New York City Police Officer Delivers A Chilling Warning

Crime has been and continues to be a major problem in New York City. Thanks to ongoing far-left policies and Democrats running the city, lawbreakers have gotten the message that it’s open season.

These days, Democrats have determined that it’s not politically correct to hold violent offenders accountable for their actions. It explains why some people are taken into custody only to be released back onto the streets with little to no bail days later.

Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies are also the root causes of many businesses in New York City shutting down and relocating to other communities.

However, it looks like situations in New York City will worsen before any improvements are made. A longtime police officer working for the city has just issued a warning that should send chills down anyone’s spine, according to TheBlaze.

Scott Welsh worked as a New York City police officer for nearly three decades before retiring. Therefore, Welsh has a better understanding than most of the crime in the community, along with the city’s dynamics.

According to Welsh, the overall shift against police in the community only allows lawlessness to dominate.

The veteran law enforcement officer also explained that despite Mayor Eric Adams being elected to stop crime in New York City, forces out of his control may ensure crime thrives.

It’s also worth noting that Mayor Adams allowed police officers in New York City to be fired due to their personal decision to refuse COVID vaccines. Meanwhile, Adams has gone on record, stating that there may be moderate defunding of the New York City police department under his administration.

In further remarks, Welsh warned that the overall anti-law enforcement sentiment in New York City is lowering police morale to actually do their jobs in communities. Therefore, unless something shifts in how New Yorkers view police officers, much more lawlessness will emerge.

New York City is one of the bluest cities in the bluest states. New Yorkers refuse to elect Republicans who will actually get the job done of ending crime. Then, they’re shocked when various Democrats drop the ball time and time again.

This combined has led to questions about whether New York City is just a lost cause. If the community is determined to hate police and will not vote for leaders to end the lawlessness, what hope can there realistically be for positive change?