New York Is About To Make Another “Bad Call”

New York has a series of problems. The state remains under tight leftist control at virtually every level. Last year, the Cato Institute declared the Empire State as one of the least free states in America.

Businesses like Rite Aid are shutting down in Manhattan, New York, due to the surge in shoplifters. Of course, Manhattan leaders decided it was a good idea to bar security guards from stopping shoplifters in action. Meanwhile, the left-wing Manhattan district attorney is all but looking the other way on shoplifters, so long as they’re not physically violent.

Manhattan is far from the only city in New York dealing with crime problems. New York City also has a severe lawlessness problem. Despite this, New York City is still preparing to fire a sizable number of officers on its police force, according to TheBlaze.

Before leaving office and succeeding mayor Eric Adams, Bill de Blasio implemented a COVID vaccine mandate for the city’s police force. Mayor Adams, meanwhile, has done nothing to roll back this mandate.

At the start of November 2021, unvaccinated police officers were put on no-pay status. New York City police officers who are still not vaccinated against COVID by February 11 will be fired from the force altogether.

The Sergeants Benevolent Association has attempted to fight these vaccine mandates. However, their endeavors have sadly failed. Unvaccinated officers who have ongoing exemption requests with the city will be kept on the beat until a ruling on the exemption requests is provided.

Mayor Eric Adams has indicated that a mandate for New York City police officers to take COVID booster shots may also become. The Democrat Mayor said this mandate would be implemented if the city views it as necessary. Meanwhile, he remains in lockstep with the authoritarian COVID mandates put in place by his predecessor.

Many critics of New York City’s leaders have noted the lunacy of firing unvaccinated police officers amid a citywide crime crisis.

Mayor Adams is scheduled to meet with Biden this week to discuss crimes committed with firearms. However, it hasn’t occurred to the leftist mayor that an ongoing crime spree might not be a good time to let go of police officers.

When New York City goes through with its plan to fire police officers refusing the COVID vaccine, they shouldn’t be shocked at the surge in crime rates. At this point, anyone who can escape New York City should do so while it’s still possible.