New York Mask Mandate “Shredded” By State Supreme Court

In 2021, the Cato Institute rated New York as one of the states in America that has the lowest levels of freedom. However, New York does have one of the highest rates of unbound residents. It means Americans have been fleeing the Empire State in droves to move to communities with fewer mandates, more freedom, lower taxes, and better quality of living.

As many Americans know, New York leads the United States in having some of the strictest mandates. It is par for the course for places where Democrats are heavily in power.

However, in the case of the Empire State, things may be turning around. On Monday, the Supreme Court of New York struck down a mask mandate enacted by the Democrat Governor, as covered by the National Review.

Last month, Governor Kathy Hochul implemented a mandatory mask order for schools and additional venues.

The Democrat Governor claimed this mandate was meant to save lives and stop the spread amid omicron. However, recent studies have shown that cloth face coverings do nothing to prevent Omicron transmission.

Thankfully, Judge Thomas Rademaker of the New York Supreme Court saw reason and ruled accordingly. In the judge’s verdict, he declared that Hochul superseded her legal bounds in trying to pass a mask mandate by her own volition uniformly.

Rademaker, therefore, struck down the mask mandate. The judge also ruled that if Hochul wants a statewide mask mandate for New Yorkers, she must work with the New York state legislature. It is not an order that she or the public health commissioner can merely pass without legislative approval.

The downfall of Hochul’s mask decree comes after the United States Supreme Court and a Texas federal judge struck down mask mandates that President Biden tried to implement at the federal level.

Thus far, the Governor of New York has not indicated that she plans to seek legislative approval for a statewide mask mandate.

Instead, after the aforementioned verdict, Hochul noted that she and her administration greatly disagreed. The Democrat Governor then announced that her team would overturn Rademaker’s ruling.

The wave of various COVID mandates being overturned comes when more people than ever are tired of these endless restrictions and decrees. Over the weekend, 35,000 Americans from across the country gathered in Washington DC to protest against all COVID mandates.