New York Now On The Road To Communism

The Democrat Party has a well-established pattern of supporting illegal immigration and amnesty. Democrats argue that enforcing immigration laws is a form of hatred, xenophobia, and racism for the United States.

The left also runs with the false narrative that folks who oppose illegal immigration are against immigration altogether. This inability to make the simple and easy distinction between legal immigration and illegal immigration is a real problem.

In New York, new measures to give non-citizens voting rights are afoot. Furthermore, Eric Adams, the newly-elected mayor of New York City, is entirely on board with these measures, as Fox News reports.

The mayor of New York City stated he supports non-citizens participating in elections to ensure the “democratic process” brings in more people.

Adams noted that he previously had worries about legislation that would give non-citizens voting rights. However, conversations with New York state government members put these worries to bed.

If the city council in New York City gets its way, individuals with green cards and work visas will vote in the city’s elections. At this time, illegal immigrants are not given voting rights in the measure. However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this is where this sort of legislation is heading unless it’s stopped.

When it comes to letting non-citizens participate in elections, Democrats have been working towards this for years on end. It starts with allowing work visa holders and green card holders to vote in a city.

The apparent goal is to let non-citizens vote in elections nationwide and elections at the federal, state, and city levels. As time passes, Democrats see they’re losing more and more support from the American people.

Therefore, rather than Democrats making adjustments to their decisions and policies, they want to traffic in a new voter base that will drown out the rightful votes of the American people.

Republicans warned about this for quite some time. Ushering in communism and letting non-citizens vote in US elections has always motivated leftist calls for amnesty and giving citizenship to folks who are illegally in America.

Make no mistake, if this measure passes in New York City, other blue cities in the nation will attempt to implement similar measures. We shouldn’t be shocked if Democrats soon try to pass legislation that gives illegal immigrants or “undocumented” folks voting rights in America.