New York Post Banned From White House Event

The New York Post, which broke the 2020 story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, has been barred from an official White House event Monday as investigators close in on a decision on whether or not to prosecute the president’s son.

The White House barred the newspaper from an event Monday, telling the Post that it was “unable to accommodate your credential request to attend the Investing in Airline Accountability Remarks.”

“We will let you know if a credential becomes available,” the White House told the paper.

While the Post was told that accommodations were not possible, almost half the seats in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building were empty during the event.

The news also comes as President Joe Biden’s son Hunter is under investigation by federal law enforcement. The younger Biden faces possible indictment in the near future.

The Post published an article that uncovered the contents of the laptop and a number of crucial files within. These included discussions of drug use as well as foreign business dealings.

Many Republicans believe that the laptop’s contents show what they describe as shady connections between the Biden family and foreign companies.

The story was censored by social media outlets, including Twitter and Facebook. The major platforms prevented the story from being shared.

In addition, a number of retired intelligence agents declared that the letter could be Russian disinformation. Recent revelations show that the letter was likely coordinated by future Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Blinken denied participation in the letter’s creation, stating that “it wasn’t my idea, didn’t ask for it, didn’t solicit it.”

The October 2020 letter said that the information from the laptop had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

The suppression of the laptop story may have played a role in a series of narrow victories that led Biden to the White House.

In an interview last week, the president said that he was “proud” of his son. He also said that his tenure in the White House would not be impacted by Hunter’s actions “because he has done nothing wrong.”