New York Teachers Punished Over Vaccine Mandates

At this point in time, there is no viable, science-based argument for COVID vaccine mandates.

COVID vaccines do not prevent anyone who is vaccinated from spreading the virus; they also don’t stop vaccinated people from catching the virus.

This means that a fully-vaccinated individual can catch COVID and pass it along to others, the same as an unvaccinated person could do. Despite all the marketing and fanfare surrounding these shots, there are no guarantees, whether a person takes one or not.

Unfortunately, places like New York City are still dead set on imposing these unscientific mandates. Now, there are dozens of teachers in New York City who are on no-pay status, due to opposing these mandates, per The Blaze.

A Bad Break For Teachers in New York City

In New York, there are dozens of teachers who supplied phony vaccination cards in order to work around the city’s mandate. Thanks to Mayor Eric Adams (D-NY), these teachers are off the job, without pay, and are not scheduled to come back to classrooms after spring break.

Adams has expressed his moral outrage over teachers submitting fake vaccination cards. The Democratic mayor called this “illegal” and claimed that it serves to undermine trust in the community.

However, the mayor might have bigger problems to be concerned about. As it turns out, the United Federation of Teachers isn’t pleased with how these instructors are being treated.

Therefore, the teachers union has warned that if Adams doesn’t walk back his current penalties, legal action will occur. The United Federation of Teachers also called the claims of phony vaccination cards “unproven.”

Finally, the teachers union says Adams’ treatment of these instructions is a violation of due process.

The Only Way Out?

It’s been said on multiple occasions that the only way out is through.

When it comes to Democrats and their insistence on sticking by these unscientific mandates, this saying just might be applicable.

Standing up against New York City’s current treatment of teachers may be one of the rare times when the teachers’ unions can do some good. Mayor Adams’ conduct and rhetoric show that he has every intention of throwing the book at these teachers and no intention of pulling back the mandate.

With the way things are looking now, the mandate may have to work its way through the legal system. If this is how things play out, it wouldn’t be the first time a mandate is taken through the courts and ultimately struck down.