Newsom’s ‘Breach’ Of His Own COVID Edicts ‘Backfires’ Spectacularly

The month of February has not gotten off to a very great start for California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom.

Newsom, as it turns out, has landed in hot water for violating his mandatory mask order during his time at a weekend sports game. After this made news, the California governor came out with a pitiful explanation that further exposed leftists’ hypocrisy regarding COVID mandates.

Newsom conducted himself “judiciously” by only taking off his face mask for a brief second to snap a selfie with Magic Johnson. The California governor claimed that he made sure to put his mask on again. However, photographic evidence disputes this.

Nevertheless, Newsom made it a point to state that other people should continue wearing face coverings despite him breaking his mask order. According to TheBlaze, this isn’t exactly panning out as the California governor likely expected.

Over this week, Oakdale students chose to take a page out of Newsom’s book and forgo their face masks. In San Francisco’s Oakdale High School, a series of students were regulated to the school’s gym, rather than classrooms, after they opted out of wearing face coverings.

This protest made such a difference that it caught the attention of the Oakdale Police Department. According to the Oakdale police, the high school students protested peacefully.

However, Oakdale students’ protests didn’t end in the gymnasium. After being kept out of classrooms, these high schoolers took a stroll down to the school district to make a statement.

To this end, the district superintendent says they’re in a tight spot since California law mandates them to enforce mask mandates for school children.

This year alone has made it apparent that growing pluralities of individuals are getting tired of governments imposing mandates upon everyone.

More people are deciding that enough is enough. It is evident amid the “Freedom Convoy” happening in Canada, the “Defeat the Mandates” rally in DC last month, and other global demonstrations against COVID restrictions.

If the leaders putting COVID mandates in place didn’t repeatedly break their own guidelines, they might have a stronger case. However, many examples of leaders breaking their own mandates show that everyone knows none of this works.

Quite frankly, more people should continue to stand up until every government has rolled back COVID mandates and restrictions.