Newt Gingrich: Glenn Youngkin Will Win Virginia On Tuesday

The expansion of left-wing policies has Newt Gingrich concerned. But the fact that Democrats are going to extremes to alienate average Americans should terrify Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, where a backlash against Joe Biden is overflowing. 

The Virginia gubernatorial race, Terry McAuliffe versus Glenn Youngkin, is Tuesday, November 2. Americans should pray that truth and justice prevail. 

Youngkin will win Virginia in a solid political repudiation of Democrats. Last Sunday, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said that “conservative Republican Glenn Youngkin would pull it out in the end with a squeaker of an election coming down to the wire.” Virginia’s gubernatorial race is bell-weather for the country. And it may signal the shift to a post-Trump era GOP that is poised to reap the benefits of an increasingly favorable electoral map. 

When Youngkin wins, it’s because he’s addressed the need for jobs, and he is discussing kids and schools. Security and safety in schools have become the wedge issue for Republicans to make inroads with a segment of Virginia voters who previously supported transgenderism, suburban moms. But, given the events in Loudoun County and the physical abuse of Jess and Scott Smith’s teenage daughter, these moms are waking up to the real threats posed by an out-of-control liberal agenda. 

Loudoun District school board are liars and covered up the assault of the Smith’s daughter in the young ladies’ room by a boy in a dress. This board moved him to another school, where he attacked another young female student. Now communications have become public, showing that the deceived Virginians they pledged to support. They do not care about children or the rights of parents to protect their loved ones. 

Gingrich told the increasingly irrelevant Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace about his predictions. He thinks that McAuliffe’s advertisements are exceptionally well written and executed. 

Glenn Youngkin has a targeted and strategic messaging plan that resonates with demographic groups across the commonwealth. To some degree, McAuliffe is going to lose his strict adherence to the left-wing agenda. Liberals focus on issues that do not help the normal Virginian. 

Terry McAuliffe is a Clinton apparatchik who is behaving irrationally. He cannot stop the bleeding right now. When he loses, it will be a political earthquake that may lead to GOP resurgence in other purple states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. 

Newt said that inflation is one of the critical issues that voters are concerned about. Leftist policies affect what you are paying for goods and services. Americans see the consequences of voting for the mindless antireality Democrat machine at restaurants, the gas pump, and stores. 

Americans in Virginia have figured out that this maladministration is a failure. They cannot go back and support President Trump. It is too late to avoid the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris maladministration’s disastrous policies, but we can promise our friends and neighbors this must never happen again. 

McAuliffe is peddling the typical Democrat pap and nonsense. All he can offer is hatred and lies. After he made a terrible remark that parents can not be engaged with teachers and education, people saw him for who he is. 

He disappeared from the campaign trail on Thursday and Friday in northern Virginia. McAuliffe must hope that people will forget about him and vote for him anyway.