Nikki Haley: America Needs To ‘Stop Our National Self-Loathing’

During a speech on Tuesday, former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said that America’s “national self-loathing” must cease. “The world’s barbarians dread nothing more than a self-assured and powerful United States with the bravery of our principles,” she added. Every day, more individuals believe that living in the United States of America is a misfortune rather than a privilege, according to Haley.

According to Nikki, Haitians did not migrate to America because it is an emerging country; they came because “America is free.” Moreover, she said that Americans are informed that the world’s most accessible and wealthiest country is like any other. “We’ve been warned it’s far worse,” she says. “Our foundational ideas are said to be oppressive instruments.” Anger toward America has become the core ideology of the American left, Haley added.

Democrats, according to Haley, have given up on America being a colorblind culture and are ready to criticize anyone who praises the United States. America will kill itself from inside, and its adversaries will do nothing, she said. Furthermore, she added that they need to know that their cause is right and their ideas are correct.

“A bold and proud America can only win the battle of civilizations,” she added. “By restoring faith in the nation’s goodwill, we’ll equip the country to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century,” Haley said.

During Trump’s administration, Haley served as the United States ambassador to the United Nations. She is primarily considered as a Republican who may run for president in the future. The reporters told the Wall Street Journal that she would pick up the phone and meet with the president at the beginning of 2023 if she determined space for her.