Nikki Haley Invites Disney To Relocate In South Carolina

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) extended an invitation to the entertainment giant Disney to relocate to her home state on Wednesday, as the company faces challenges from the GOP-controlled state of Florida.

According to a Daily Caller report, Nikki Haley, a former Ambassador to the United Nations and a current 2024 presidential candidate, expressed in a Fox News interview her willingness to facilitate Disney’s potential relocation to South Carolina.

She stated that if Disney wanted to bring their capital, “ I’ll let them know I’ll be happy to meet them in South Carolina and introduce them to the governor and the Legislature that would welcome it.”

Haley continued, “As governor, I took a double-digit unemployment state, and I turned it into an economic powerhouse. Businesses were my partners because if you take care of your businesses, you take care of your economy, your economy takes care of the people and everyone wins.”

As Disney finds itself entangled in a political and legal clash with the state of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has been making significant efforts to exert political pressure on the company. These actions, widely viewed as a strategic move to enhance his public image in anticipation of a potential 2024 campaign, are seen as a politically motivated maneuver by many.

In response to perceived government retaliation, Disney has taken legal action against Governor Ron DeSantis, filing a lawsuit. The company asserts that the DeSantis administration has engaged in a deliberate and focused campaign aimed at undermining their operations, citing a specific instance in which a bill was introduced last year in an attempt to curtail the autonomy of Disney’s renowned amusement park, “Disney World,” located in Orlando.

Nikki Haley further expressed her views on Twitter, highlighting that her home state does not align with a “woke” or “sanctimonious” ideology. The latter term was a clear reference to “Ron DeSanctimonious,” a nickname bestowed upon Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by former President Donald Trump.

In response to Haley’s tweet, the pro-DeSantis PAC Never Back Down shared a tweet of their own, suggesting that by embracing woke corporations while imitating Trump’s previous criticism, Haley may be making an earnest effort to audition for the role of Vice President.