Nikki Haley Loses South Carolina, Vows To Keep Running

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has vowed to continue her campaign after losing yet another state on Saturday in the presidential primaries.

In what is possibly one of the most humiliating political races in American history, Haley has failed to win even one state. On Saturday, she lost South Carolina, where she was once governor. The results were not even close, as she lost by more than 20 percentage points, picking up only three delegates compared to Donald Trump’s 47.

After learning of her loss, Haley addressed supporters and gave yet another typical loser’s speech filled with canned sentiments of concern for the nation and hollow vows to keep fighting on through Super Tuesday.

Regardless of her affirming words, one need only listen to her voice and look into her eyes to see the visage of discouragement. It’s easy to question if she really wants to be doing this.

At this point, her determination to continue running is bewildering to many, except to serve as a foil working for financial interests backed by Democrat-voting donors. Meanwhile, the bulk of the Republican party continues to show strong support for former president Donald Trump, who shows an unquestionable lead in obtaining the Republican nomination.

There is yet another theory as to why she continues to run. Conservative radio host Dan Bongino calls it the “designated survivor” theory, which suggests that if something were to happen to Trump to stop him from running, Nikki would be the last one standing to whom voters could turn.

However, considering the tone of the voters, it seems many would rather write in a candidate than vote for Democratic-party-plant Nikki Haley. In the recent Nevada primary, on a ballot that did not include Donald Trump, Haley lost hands-down to the “none of these candidates” option.

Nikki Haley’s background as an ambassador and Republican governor makes her seem like a great candidate on paper. She was a very popular politician during the height of her career. But beyond her resume, she is clearly a Mitt Romney Republican, and the winds have changed since the dawn of the Tea Party and the entrance of Donald Trump onto the political stage.

Conservative or conservative-leaning voters, which make up the bulk of the party, have lost trust in the standard Republican candidates long ago. Haley’s honest political career is effectively over, but her career as a tool of the Democratic party is going quite well.