NM Administrator: No Parental Rights In Public Education

A New Mexico School Boards Association instructor admitted what far too many in education believe — that parents play no role in directing their student’s public school learning.

Trainer Andrew Sanchez is now in the spotlight after the publication of an audio tape of him addressing members of local school boards in December. His comments were notable for their blatant disregard for parents.

According to Sanchez, “Parents do not have a fundamental right to tell you how public school teaches their child.” Not content to stop there, he said that “parental rights end when you decide to send your kids to public school.”

Anyone wondering about his justification for making such a brash statement did not have to wait long for clarity. It’s indoctrination.

Sanchez added, “what you teach this generation that will soon be voting [will be] instrumental to the future of us as a democracy and as society goes forward.”

He told the training session for New Mexico teachers and school board members in Bernalillo County that there is no “radical ideology” taught in public schools.

Instead, controversial matters are “simply civic and patriotic values common to all Americans of equity, justice, and equal treatments.” He said educators are building young people who can later on “decide what political affiliation they want.”

It is abundantly clear which political affiliation he would have students choose. Adding even more clarity, Sanchez said that public school teachers “will talk about Black Lives Matter. They have to.”

The trainer ridiculed parents worried about wokeness in public schools. He also asserted that Florida teachers “don’t even teach the Civil War anymore.” Which of course is a complete fabrication.

Sanchez was graphically clear in his disdain for parents. He told the gathering that if school boards engage in policy decisions with families, they will manufacture parental rights “where none should or don’t exist.”

If these same boards created opt-out policies, he claimed “there will be nothing to teach the kids.” And if parents are uncomfortable with the level of liberal indoctrination, they are free to pursue an online education, a charter school, or homeschool their children.

What he and fellow leftist educational agitators don’t understand is the groundswell of support that exists in the U.S. for parental rights. Families do not want their children indoctrinated in ways that run counter to how they are raised at home, and they have legal rights as well.