North Korea is Not Happy With Nancy Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has made a lot of international waves lately. Days ago, China was infuriated by her choice to visit the island nation of Taiwan.

China views Taiwan as nothing more than an extension of itself. Therefore, the communist regime loathes the idea of anyone showing legitimacy to Taiwan as its own nation.

The Chinese communist regime even went as far as threatening to have the House Speaker’s plane blown out of the sky if she visited Taiwan. Yet, Pelosi still went through with the visit.

In light of the House Speaker’s decision to visit Taiwan, she’s now taking heat from not just the Chinese Communist Party, but also North Korea.

Reviewing North Korea’s Stance on Pelosi
North Korea’s been clear that it doesn’t hold Pelosi in any higher regard than China. The North Korean Foreign Ministry even went as far as accusing the House Speaker of upending international tranquility and stability.

The dictatorial regime later claimed that Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan needlessly stirred up problems. The same country that’s known for egregious human rights abuses also went after the House Speaker for stopping by South Korea during her tour of Asia.

North Korea and South Korea have long been at odds. Unlike South Korea, North Korea is very much not an ally of the United States.

Pelosi, during her Asia tour, expressly claimed that America supports not just Taiwan and South Korea, but the existence of democracy as a whole.

Resistance From the Biden Administration
As the House Speaker takes heat from multiple communist regimes, the Biden administration is looking to project a show of strength.

National security official John Kirby accused the Chinese government of overreaching and purposefully making a fuss for its own gain.

Yet, in spite of this pushback, Joe Biden himself previously advised Pelosi to call off her trip to Taiwan after the Chinese communist regime made a big deal about it.

Meanwhile, Pelosi doesn’t seem to have very many worries about what North Korea or China thinks of her. Since visiting South Korea and Taiwan, Pelosi’s reiterated that America will never stop standing for democracy around the world.

This follows Pelosi’s longstanding history of not being very aligned with the Chinese or North Korea.