November Midterms Increase The ‘Pressure’ On Biden

With every passing day, this year’s November midterms elections get nearer. These elections will have monumental impacts on the Biden Administration, legislation voted into law, and our nation’s overall direction.

At this time, things are looking pretty good for Republican candidates. Redistricting favors many GOP candidates, as do polls showing extensive disapproval of Biden’s leadership.

On top of this, the GOP is organizing and mobilizing. Republicans connect with voters in a grassroots fashion and let them know why voting red in November will make their lives better.

Meanwhile, on the side of the Democrats, things are not looking so good. Breaking news from RedState reports that the approach of November’s midterms has only increased the levels of pressure on President Biden.

If there’s one thing that’s been so tragically absent from the 46th President, it’s been accountability. Despite the series of blunders and destructive decisions on Biden’s end, he’s never once taken accountability for anything.

The sitting President either ignores issues, lies about them, or says he’s “outperforming,” even amid polls with more than 50% of Americans disapproving of him. However, with midterms getting close, the Democrat Party realizes their mess in the White House.

From the Democratic National Committee to the White House and others, the left realizes messaging is severe. The failure of Biden’s leadership has rendered Democrat candidates incapable of using his presidency as a force to motivate voters.

Meanwhile, Biden’s largely alienated hard-left progressives. Progressives expected Biden to make reasonable promises to fix “climate change” and erase student loan debt. The President hasn’t done it, nor has he managed to demolish the Senate filibuster or pass the sham “voting rights” bills that Democrats wanted.

His radical Build Back Better bill is also dead, as it lacks the required votes to pass the Senate. It is a severe win for America, yet a huge source of frustration for Democrats.
Biden continues to laugh off the polls showing him very high disapproval ratings on immigration, crime, inflation, and more. However, these same polls dismissed by the President are some of the clearest bellwethers of his party’s loss.

As Biden remains obliviously asleep at the wheel, everyday Americans suffer under his administration. In November, the people will have the last laugh while voting House and Senate Democrats out of power in Congress.