NY Times Makes Biden-Friendly Case Against Trump Border Plans

While a growing number of Americans across the political spectrum are acknowledging that the Biden administration has exacerbated a border crisis that former President Donald Trump was able to address with stricter immigration policies, many mainstream media sources are nevertheless sounding the alarms about the supposed threat that a second Trump term could cause within the nation’s broken immigration system.

The New York Times recently published an article with a headline that warned of “sweeping raids, giant camps and mass deportations” that would be imposed if Trump wins next year’s presidential race.

In an apparent effort to rally the remaining leftists who believe in the open-borders policies that have led to a record number of illegal border crossings over the past three years, the article’s trio of writers insisted that Trump “plans to scour the country for unauthorized immigrants and deport people by the millions per year” while depriving migrants of due process.

Furthermore, the article takes aim at Trump’s stated mission to remove individuals in the country who have views — particularly “jihadist sympathies” — that are antithetical to America’s founding values.

Although many Americans have applauded the Trump platform for its goal of restoring law and order while protecting U.S. citizens, the Times article complained that “the visas of foreign students who participated in anti-Israel or pro-Palestinian protests would be canceled” under a second Trump administration.

“Mr. Trump would try to end birthright citizenship for babies born in the United States to undocumented parents — by proclaiming that policy to be the new position of the government and by ordering agencies to cease issuing citizenship-affirming documents like Social Security cards and passports to them,” the authors added, suggesting that challenges to this and other policies would likely be pursued all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Whereas the article did include direct quotes from Trump sources including longtime adviser Stephen Miller, the overall tone of the article seemed to mirror the messaging being used by Biden administration officials and surrogates.

In fact, Biden campaign spokesperson Ammar Moussa parroted the rhetoric of the Times article in a subsequent statement asserting: “Mass detention camps, attempts to deny children born here citizenship, uprooting families with mass deportations – this is the horrifying reality that awaits people if Donald Trump is allowed anywhere near the Oval Office again.”