NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Blasted As An ‘Overlord’ For Saying ‘Human Beings Do Well With Carrot And Stick’ Regarding Vaccine Mandates


Mayor Bill de Blasio, yes, the mayor who ate a cheeseburger and fries to try to push Shake Shack’s free food for vaccination efforts. He doesn’t know what New Yorkers want. Remember when Black Lives Matter painted on the streets of New York while burning down cities? Mayor DeBlasio helped paint the road.

These Democrat leaders are weak. DeBlasio was out in the street because he knew it would get him votes. Mayor DeBlasio decides when New Yorkers will go out to eat and if they’ll go to the movies with the “Key to NYC Pass,” which mandates proof of vaccine to go to restaurants, go to the movies, go to the gym, and go to entertainment venues. It’s modern-day segregation.

In New York City, you can’t do certain things if you aren’t vaccinated. Mayor DeBlasio is curtailing the privileges of some citizens and not others. While he isn’t violating case law, it will be interesting to see how it plays out when this finally goes to court, and people start filing lawsuits. The Supreme Court would have to decide on something shortly and create new case law from 1905.

Speaking of 1905, a critical court case, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, says that vaccination mandates are legal and charges Jacobson a fine of $5. The lawsuit cited public safety and police power to vaccinate individuals.

That is problematic in current times, as only 57% of the United States has been vaccinated. With the new variants of Covid-19 and rising cases among the vaccinated, what’s the point of even getting the vaccine? The Delta variant of Covid-19 has spread much quicker than the original Covid-19 virus, but it’s far less deadly. It could be because more people are vaccinated, or more people have natural immunity. Either way, fluctuations in the rise of cases follow a pattern that may tell a story about antibodies from natural infection and the Covid-19 vaccine.

Many are challenging the vaccine mandates by proving they have natural antibodies against Covid-19. According to the Wall Street Journal, Todd Zywicki is suing George Mason University for vaccine mandates or mask-wearing and vigorous testing procedures that he says will violate his constitutional right of bodily integrity. If Zywicki wins, this will set a new precedent on vaccine mandates.

The World Health Organization says, “Current evidence points to most individuals developing strong protective immune responses following natural infection with SARS-CoV-2.” It means that if you’ve had Covid-19 and recovered, there’s no need for the vaccine.

Mayor DeBlasio may have some legal justification. There’s no way he will win re-election in New York, and even if he does, what business will survive in the city? If more people leave and take their business elsewhere for ethical and moral reasons, New York will have a tough time recovering.