NYC Mayor Supports Kids Being Exposed to Drag Queens

Within the past few months, a disturbing pattern has emerged of drag queens being exposed to children.

An incident of this recently went viral in Texas; kids were seen at a bar where drag queens were shamelessly dancing in a provocative manner. To make matters even worse, the bar where this event took place featured a sign reading “it’s not going to lick itself.”

Naturally, conservatives and non-leftists have come out and condemned this. Many people in this country understand that drag queen culture is not appropriate for children.

Democrats, on the other hand, have a very different view. New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D), by his own admission, is all for having kids be thoroughly exposed to drag queens.

Mayor Adams on Drag Queens and Children

This past Thursday, the NYC mayor stated that drag queens should, in fact, be permitted access to libraries and public schools.

Adams’ rationale behind this is the presence of drag queens in front of children will promote “diversity” while also pushing back on what he called an “increased attack” against LGBTQ people.

The Democratic mayor didn’t just stop there, though. He continued to justify this. According to Adams, drag queens having a presence amongst kids goes hand in hand with kids’ “emotional intelligence” and openness to personal expression.

In New York City, the community is directly funding drag queens coming into schools of young kids for storytime sessions and other gatherings.

Some city council members have expressed opposition to this; however, it’s very clear that Mayor Adams and others who think like him are running the show.

A Darker Agenda at Work?

This new, left-wing agenda of kids being directly exposed to drag queens has put much of the nation’s parents on high alert. Many people believe it’s a form of grooming for predators to target kids for their own harmful reasons.

Schools now pushing drag culture on kids arrives as these institutions have already been in hot water over forcing radical gender politics and critical race theory onto kids.

These latest statements from Mayor Adams now have many Americans wondering what other extreme agendas Democrats will eventually rally behind.