NYC Neighborhood Left Filthy With Illegal Aliens’ Bodily Waste

The massive influx of illegal aliens into the “sanctuary city” of New York City has led to yet another terrible consequence for city residents — streets littered with feces, urine and trash.

The illegal aliens have reportedly been trashing the East Village area and refusing to clean up after themselves. According to the New York Post, adult illegal aliens have been lining up outside former St. Brigid’s School on East 7th Street and spilling into Tompkins Square Park while awaiting the opportunity to take up shelter space that should have been reserved for homeless New Yorkers. During their wait, the illegal aliens have been destroying the city streets.

Workers with New York City’s Parks Department have even been forced to remove three Port-a-Potties from the park nearby, reporting that they were left in such a disgusting condition that it was impossible to keep them clean.

Speaking with the New York Post, a street cleaner identified as John Cashvan detailed his experience with the illegals.

“There was a cup of what I thought was somebody’s discarded hot chocolate that turned out to be not hot chocolate,” Cashvan explained, adding that the area has begun to smell like a toilet when temperatures get warm.

The New York Post shared images of the disturbing sights in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, including the inside of one of the portable restrooms.

Residents of the area and volunteers have claimed to have seen cups of urine near the entrance to the park, as well as “human-sized” piles of feces by the trees and between cars parked in the area. One local resident even claimed that the illegal aliens have begun leaving cups full of urine on peoples’ doorsteps because they don’t want to relieve themselves on the ground.

The problems caused by the massive influx of more than 160,000 illegal aliens into New York City have become so bad that even Mayor Eric Adams (D) declared that the issue has caused “the erosion of the quality of life” for New Yorkers. The New York City mayor has also previously warned that the illegal immigration crisis will “destroy” his city.