NYC Professor Holds Machete To Post Reporter’s Neck

It doesn’t get much more bizarre than this week’s violent actions of Manhattan professor and self-described Marxist Shellyne Rodriguez. For her crazed displays she is now gainfully unemployed.

First she cursed students and attacked their pro-life display on a campus table. That video went viral and, of course, led to responsible media outlets wanting to talk to her and get her reasoning for her outrageous response to free speech.

Then it got much, much worse.

The New York Post sent veteran reporter Reuven Fenton to speak with Rodriguez, but when they showed up at her Bronx door, she went ballistic. She is clearly recorded on video holding a machete to the neck of the reporter and threatening to “chop him up.”

The Post reporter wisely vacated the premises, but even that did not end Rodriguez’s tirade. Now donning a hoodie, the adjunct art professor followed them to their vehicle with a machete in hand and even kicked the reporter in the shin.

The violent leftist now needs to dust off her resume and hope that prospective employers do not have internet access.

If her first viral video showing her explosion against pro-life students did not look good, wielding a machete directly to the neck of a journalist is hardly going to improve that image.

Hunter College spokesman Vince DiMiceli revealed to the Post Tuesday afternoon that Rodriguez is no longer employed. “Hunter College strongly condemns the unacceptable actions of Shellyne Rodriguez and has taken immediate action.”

DiMiceli added that the violent ex-employee “has been relieved of her duties at Hunter College effective immediately, and will not be returning to teach at the school.”

Police confirm that Rodriguez is under investigation with the NYPD considering assault charges.

In a recent profile by Art in America, the former professor is described as an “artist, community organizer, and educator.” She is credited for creating a “space for studying radical thought,” and her displayed book list included such impressive thinkers as Karl Marx.

The obvious question is how a person with this apparent of a violent streak was ever deemed an appropriate choice to educate young people. However, given the state of higher education in 2023, that may have been the qualification that landed her the job.