NYC Teachers Fired Over Vaccine Choice Chant F*** You Joe Biden

Democrats are trying their hardest to flip solidly blue areas red in the upcoming midterms and the 2024 elections. They have decided to become the Covid Party, the party of never-ending, viciously stupid overreaction to the coronavirus. They will have to live with the results of marrying themselves to this most misbegotten social misfiring, this social media hysteria-driven mob mentality, this global flash cult that darkened our world last year.

In Blue California and New York City, where the population is already accustomed to government overreach on a police state level of dysfunction and tyranny, the damage politicians like Governors Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom did will take a generation to wash out. Although it didn’t even take a year for New York state to wash Cuomo out, California tried.

The population in these areas, especially the urban population, has been repressed en masse to the degree that no living American has ever experienced in this country. Most probably thought it was never possible here. No doubt, millions are still in shock and denial, and millions will remain so for the rest of their lives, feverishly digging into the lies of the past eighteen months and repeating them to the grave. That’s very sad.

They are uncomfortable, miserable, and desperate in a way probably none of them imagined so many of them would be in 2021, and at the hands of their government, no less! And many are waking up every day to the fact that we are systematically abused by our leaders, politicians, influencers, journalists, everyone behind the immense fear and the big lies.

Protestors gathered in Brooklyn, New York over the week, and thousands of teachers who had lost their jobs because they did not want a Covid vaccine chanted, “F*** Joe Biden and de Blasio! F*** Joe Biden and de Blasio! F*** Joe Biden and de Blasio!” When tens of thousands of public school teachers turn out to curse the party’s leaders, you know things are going poorly for Democrats.

It is the group of people who thought they were untouchable in the horrendous caste system of an economy half made of producers who create things and half made of public school teachers and university professors/students. They thought they were unfireable. In fact, in New York state, they pretty much are.

The teachers’ unions had written such sweetheart job security statutes into the books, even teachers who have done terrible things have not been legally fireable. There’s a building for all these welfare queens to go because they can’t be trusted to teach anymore, where they sit all day and read or do whatever and draw their salary to do absolutely nothing.

Now it’s great to see that a teacher in New York actually can lose their job for something. Still, we were hoping it would be for hurting or mistreating students, not for exercising a private, personal health decision not to get an experimental, invasive, elective medical procedure done.