Obama is Under Fire For Lies About Disinformation

The term “disinformation” has been weaponized and used by Democrats as a means of meeting their political ends.

Too often, when the left hears something it doesn’t like, they brush it off as “disinformation.” America saw this when Democrats tried to get podcaster Joe Rogan canceled and taken offline for having guests who raised questions about COVID vaccines.

When conservatives warned that lockdowns and social isolation would cause problems, this, too, was denounced by Democrats as “disinformation.” Now, it’s come out that these measures did do a lot of harm to society.

In spite of all this, Democrats are still calling any speech they disagree with “disinformation.” This is something that former President Obama is now being criticized for, per The Federalist.

A Terrible Take on “Disinformation”

During a panel event at the University of Chicago, Obama declared that people need to be granted necessary information that enables them to govern themselves and enjoy freedom. Yet, this premise has been highly criticized.

The most important question of all is who should be granting information and determining what’s true versus what’s not.

If there’s anything the past few years have shown, it’s that Democrats believe they are the ones who should not only determine what is “disinformation,” but also what information is granted to people.

Later during the event, Obama went on to mention the importance of a facts baseline that lets ideas thrive. Although, yet again, this facts baseline can’t reasonably take place if one side alone is determining what information people have access to.

The Best Way to Take on Real Disinformation

There’s a difference between real disinformation and Democrats simply hearing things they don’t like or agree with.

Here’s the reality: the best way of taking on disinformation is having an open debate of all sorts of ideas and viewpoints. If a statement or claim truly falls under the umbrella of “disinformation,” this will be proven via debate, open dialogue, or with time.

The solution to disinformation is not shutting people down and controlling what information they have access to. Ironically, this train of thought actually fuels not only disinformation, but also bias, groupthink, and propaganda.

What’s most unfortunate of all is that the former president isn’t truly interested in taking on disinformation. His real agenda lies in controlling what people think and determining what people have access to.

This is what Democrats see as their path to victory going forward.