Obama Shares ‘Lackluster Message’ With House Democrats

House Democrats are on thin ice as the midterms approach. More than two dozen Democrats are retiring from the chamber altogether. Meanwhile, Democrats have a fragile majority in the House, with Republicans only needing to win five seats to flip the chamber.

Poll after poll indicates that the GOP is on course to get back power in the House of Representatives.

It will oust Rep. Nancy Pelosi as the House Speaker by default. At this time, the most likely Republican to succeed Pelosi as speaker of the House is none other than Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the current House Minority Leader.

House Democrats recently convened with former President Obama on a conference call regarding the approaching midterms. Although, RedState reports what Obama had to say wasn’t good news for left-wing lawmakers.

One interesting point in the 44th President’s message to lawmakers was his advice for them to celebrate campaign wins rather than mulling overall what they’ve lost since getting into office.

From this point, Obama told House Democrats to be willing to receive the victories that are feasible. He then urged leftist lawmakers not to squander time “whining” about situations they’re incapable of changing.

It is not the upbeat talk of a leader who believes his political party is doing well or cruising its way to victory. Obama might as well have told Democrats to grit their teeth and bear the losses coming their way.

Finally, before the former President’s conference call with House Democrats ended, he urged them to let voters know what continued election wins for Democrats would mean.

Obama either didn’t know or didn’t want to say that voters have the main image of the results stemming from leftists being in power. This clarity is crucial for Biden losing more and more support each time a new poll drops.

In the earlier days of the 2020 presidential election, there were reports that Obama didn’t even want his former vice president to run for office. Furthermore, these reports were fueled by Obama waiting until nearly all other Democrat candidates were eliminated before endorsing Biden.

While running for office, Biden repeatedly invoked Obama’s name to make himself look better and avoid tough questions. However, the former President’s latest comments to House Democrats make it very clear that he even knows what an atrocious job Biden is doing.