Obama Throws In His ‘Two Cent’ That No One Asked For

During the earliest stages of Joe Biden’s political campaign, rumors were going around that his boss, former President Barack Obama, actually didn’t want him to run for office.

Obama never expressly confirmed or denied these rumors. However, he did wait until just about every other Democrat-backed out of the race in 2020 before endorsing Biden.

Since Biden’s tenure in the White House, various reports have stated he keeps in touch with Obama and often turns to his former boss for advice. According to PJ Media, if Obama’s latest remarks indicate this, the United States is in more trouble than previously thought.

The 44th President essentially claimed that even though Biden’s weak sanctions against Russia will cost the American public, everyone needs to happily accept this in the name of freedom.

There are several things wrong with these statements. For starters, if Biden got out of the way of domestic energy creation, ended his bans against federal drilling, and reinstated various pipelines, America wouldn’t have to absorb the financial costs of sanctions against Russia.

Obama claimed that everyone should support Biden in what he’s doing regarding Russia right now. However, Biden essentially paved the way to the underway tyrannical Russian aggression.

Last year, Biden showed weakness in Afghanistan. He bowed the knee to the Taliban, let them take back control of Afghanistan, and then abandoned US citizens and allies.

Putin saw this, observed the situation, and decided Biden’s presidency was the ideal moment to move against Ukraine. If Biden isn’t cautious, a similar situation will repeat with China hitting Taiwan due to Biden’s botched handling of Russia’s attacks against Ukraine.

Instead of the 44th President telling the nation to go along with the lunacy of Joe Biden, he should have privately talked to his former Vice President. Obama should be letting Biden know that his approaches towards the foreign policy are weak, wrong, and sending a dangerous message.

Yet, then again, Obama is no foreign policy whiz himself. Putin had little more respect for Obama than he has for Biden right now.

All in all, the Russia-Ukraine conflict is all the more reason why Biden, Obama, and other Democrats don’t need to be in positions of power or making decisions that impact people. If these Democrats quickly rode off into the sunset, everyone would be better off.