Oil Sector Reminds Americans Of Washington Policy’s Impact

The American Petroleum Institute (API), the nation’s leading trade association for the fossil fuel industry, will deploy a national television and digital advertising placement with an eight-figure budget to educate voters and policymakers about energy policy issues as the 2024 elections begin to gather pace.

Named “Lights on Energy,” the campaign will focus on why oil and gas production in the United States supports the entire planet’s energy needs. The campaign will target Washington D.C. and key states during the 2024 election cycle to address policy threats, including measures the Biden Administration supports under its environmental agenda.

“The goal of the campaign is really to educate voters and policymakers on what’s at stake for American energy going forward,” said API President and CEO Mike Sommers in an interview for FOX Business.

“The real concern that we have is that some of the policy decisions that this administration has made over its first few years could really sow the seeds for the next energy crisis if we don’t make the right decisions in the next year,” Sommers said.

American demand makes up a lion’s share of demand for U.S. energy production. “We still get 70% of our energy from oil and gas,” Sommers told FOX Business. “These energy transitions take a very long time. In fact, we’ve never transitioned from one fuel to another. What we’ve really done is we have added new kinds of energy as the world needs more energy.”

Sommers acknowledged the growth of wind and solar sources. “Of course, wind and solar are going to play a very significant role going forward,” he said. “But the baseload energy is still going to come from oil and gas. And if we don’t make the right investment decisions, which flow from the right policy decisions, we’re going to be in a world of hurt years down the road.”

Comparing President Joe Biden’s track record to former President Barack Obama’s, the API president said that Obama held five times more federal lease sales of oil and gas industry development than Biden has during his time as president.