Oklahoma School Board Member Pushes Mask Mandate With Terrifying Remarks

Democrats can’t decide if children are capable of making their own decisions or not. Cigarettes can’t be bought unless you’re 21, but some states have allowed 16-year-olds and older to get the Covid-19 vaccination without their parent’s consent. So the question remains, are children capable of deciding what they put into their bodies?

An Oklahoma school board member said that children would be murdered if they weren’t vaccinated and got someone else sick. The scare tactics of the left are devastating to our country. Not only would it be nearly impossible to determine whether a student got another student sick, but even if they did, it would be far from murder. It wouldn’t even be manslaughter.

The school board member said, “I would like to find a way to stand up as a district and get our surrounding superintendents to stand up around us to protect our little kids. It’s insane to send 5 and 6 and 7 and 8, all the way up to 11-year old that don’t have a choice about the vaccine to sit in a classroom with, where people can spread deadly disease and not even know they’re sick or not even know in three days that they’re going to be sick because they, that’s how it works with this disease.” The board member went on to say, “because it’s just not okay for kids to murder by coming to school without a mask. When it comes down to it, It’s possible. They will cause the death of another child.”

It is someone who sets the standard of the schools in her area. She has since apologized, but comments like that give you a sense of how someone truly feels about their lead people. Masks on children aren’t necessary and are inhibitors for most children. When kids run track or play another sport, it depletes the oxygen they’re able to inhale and sometimes makes them pass out. Over two and a half times more children have died from pneumonia than from Covid-19, and other comorbidity factors in the deaths are unknown. Likely, no child has ever died from Covid-19 as the sole reason for death. One is too many, but precautions have to work for measures to make sense. The risk vs. reward factor isn’t adding up, especially psychologically. Children can’t grow up believing they’re going to die if they don’t wear a mask, but impressionable children are starting to feel it.

Passing an illness meets no statutory requirement for murder. No jury trial would convict a five-year-old of giving Covid-19 to another child causing the child’s death and call it murder. So why make a claim? It’s always fear. The leaders of the Democratic Party are bent on making you fear a virus that isn’t that dangerous but doesn’t dare encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, that’s fat-shaming.