Old Liberals Like Pelosi Thinks New Liberals Like AOC Are A Joke

Democrat Representatives Nancy Pelosi (CA) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) try to work together to destroy America most of the time. But occasionally, AOC gets outside of her lane, and arguments ensue. Recently, AOC and Pelosi had an altercation about Congress’s business and financial dealings. Many of our illustrious public servants enjoy trading stocks on inside information.

We should praise Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her consistency and find a way to use her as a wedge to leverage the Democrats. Not to mention it is highly corrupt for members of Congress to profit from their position while in office.

It is undeniable that members of Congress buy and sell shares through brokers and sometimes try to hide their participation in market-moving legislation. However, the federal government looks the other way for the most part, and this irreconcilable conflict of interest should be stopped.

It doesn’t seem right when these politicians can pass legislation that shakes up entire industries and profits from insider trading. AOC is straightforward in her communism, and as they say, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. She is tangling with a vicious political operative by taking on Nancy, the Queen of the House. The only question is, when does Pelosi decide to take her out at the knees? What dirt is she holding? And does AOC have the guts and firepower to fight back?

Speaker Pelosi has gained an enormous fortune through her complicit husband, not only in real estate but also through investment accounts. Pelosi’s husband locked in $5.3 million from alphabet options a week before the House board thought about antitrust bills. Antitrust bills should focus on Alphabet’s Google, Facebook (now Meta), Apple, Twitter, and Amazon.

Trades in question include buying options of Alphabet’s stock at a strike price of $1,200. It was executed over the summer of 2021, right before the House subcommittee met. It allowed Pelosi to buy 4,000 Alphabet shares at the cost of $1,200, well below the $2,550 they were trading at the time. By converting options to stock, the Pelosi’s made $5.4 million. When was the last time you were able to cash out a private fortune in stock options?

The Pelosi’s represent the norm for Congressional families. Many treat their positions as mini dynasties bringing in large bonuses and payments for their family, which benefits them indirectly. It is the primary driver of the Hunter Biden scandals. He does not have a legitimate business but peddling influence and trading favors for millions of dollars.

When deciding on laws and voting to enact regulations and oversight that influence their net worth, somehow, these corrupt politicians always seem to come out on top. In 2021 Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that she opposed allowing family members to profit from the position of their relatives. It would enrage Pelosi, who probably used her husband’s money to buy gourmet ice cream for her massive freezers during COVID-19.

What can Pelosi do? If she wants to deal with the cool girls and rebels in the Squad, she better get on board with the revolution. Nancy is just praying that they are too stupid to realize she is using delay tactics until she can get out of there. Nothing will change. AOC will eventually learn that the elite establishment that employs government power for their profit will continue, and she will be one of them.