Only The American People Can ‘Clean Up’ The American Government

People have laid out a seven-year strategy to retake the nation from those who want to destroy it. Local pressure is being used to modify the country’s orientation and change. The next stage is for those who wish to return the country to the Founders’ vision to recapture Congress.

Justice has vanished, and people have accepted injustice as the norm. The rich are treated differently than the impoverished. Those who have broken it want to amplify its new flaws. To expand their authority and control, they sow discord and division. It is deliberate discord. People no longer have the rule of law. Instead, they have the rule of men dictating what the law should be.

Moreover, the collective defense has fallen short. They don’t make any attempt to defend the borders. Their economic adversaries trample on them. They cannot protect themselves against a virus imported from another country and must comply with ineffectual government directives. There is no peace or calm.

Furthermore, Politicians incite people to fight in the streets. Because of the breakdown of peace, another civil war is publicly contemplated. Election outcomes are seen with suspicion to lead to conflict rather than calm acceptance.

People have chained up, disguised, and told that they need to present the documents to participate in a free society. Excessive spending in the country has wrecked the budget. Inflation is at an all-time high. The job market is volatile. The commodities needed to stock the businesses’ shelves cannot reach customers.

Their “gift” to future generations is a scourge of tremendous, unpayable debt. Their mission is to reconstruct the Constitution’s basis. It won’t be easy, and everyone willing to help will be needed. There are five things to keep in mind:

1. The job has already begun; 2. This immense task needs the participation of many individuals; 3. They only do what they are capable of doing; 4. Leaders must lead both in terms of labor and attitude; 5. Disobedient people can be disregarded.

It is not required to create a new movement if people wish to contribute. Hitch a ride on an already moving vehicle. Hundreds of millions of individuals have joined the fight for ideas. They are present in their homes, workplaces, and places of religion. Some people labor quietly, while others put themselves in danger.

Leaders are rising to the occasion, many of whom people had no idea were leaders. Pretend leaders are being exposed for what they’ve always been, and they’ll be treated with the contempt they deserve. Everyone willing is needed, and a nascent movement has more momentum. The people have sovereign authority, and with that authority comes a significant duty to uphold what their forefathers established.