Outgoing NYC Mayor Won’t Leave Quietly

Left-wing states like New York have some genuine problems. For starters, they have consistently elected power-hungry Democrats into power. Meanwhile, their communities are that much worse off for it.

New York City, for instance, has some genuine problems. Although Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio is on his way out, the city is still suffering from his disastrous leadership.

In New York City, people cannot enter most public establishments unless they show their vaccine papers. Furthermore, crime is a major issue in this left-wing city.

People who have the means and desire to get out of New York have primarily done so. It might be for the best, seeing as leaders like de Blasio have no intention of quietly drifting off into the sunset, as Breitbart News reports.

Tyranny and crime are two of the greatest legacies stemming from de Blasio’s leadership in New York City. However, despite this, he’s got no plans to step away from public office anytime soon.

During remarks with the Associated Press, de Blasio said that he would remain in office for quite some time to come. The outgoing mayor additionally stated that he’d soon be providing updates.

It arrived after de Blasio mentioned that he’d left various “breadcrumbs” for individuals to follow.

It appears to be the leading brand that New Yorkers want, though. It’s no coincidence that leaders like de Blasio are directly linked to folks leaving their states in droves.

New York was ranked earlier this year as one of the states with the least freedom in the country. Meanwhile, the Empire State also has some of the highest rates of people leaving to move to other states. New York is second in this regard, with California coming in first.

As Bill de Blasio gets ready to leave the New York City mayoral office, he’s eying the New York state governor’s mansion. Quite frankly, it would not at all be shocking if de Blasio managed to worm his way into being the governor of the Empire State.

With leaders like de Blasio, New York will only continue to regress and get worse. The issues of crime and significant government authoritarianism will continue to spread throughout New York City and across the entirety of New York state.

With people who disagree with this leaving the state, the only ones left will be the radical leftists who are chomping at the bit to elect de Blasio as governor.