Panicked Democrats Summon Kamala And Hillary To Get Kathy Hochul Across Goal Line

The New York Times reports that Vice President Kamala Harris and one-time presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton will appear at a campaign event with New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) and Attorney General Leticia James (D) tomorrow in Manhattan.

This move likely signals that Democrats are threatened by the recent momentum of challenger Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY). It’s hard to imagine that Hochul feels much relief that it’s Harris and Clinton, two of the most unpopular names in America, who’ve been summoned to her rescue.

A poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group has Zeldin with a slim lead of 48.4% to Hochul’s 47.6%. Another poll from October 31 showed Hochul with a one-point lead over the Long Island native, possibly prompting the emergency phone calls to Harris and Clinton.

The Times also reported that the “Democratic Governors Association,” a crucial element of Hochul’s campaign, injected an undisclosed dollar amount into her campaign after initially not planning to do so. They hope not only to prevent Zeldin from pulling off a historic upset but also to stop major upsets in down-ballot races.

The DGA recently filed paperwork to form a New York super PAC to produce new Hochul campaign ads for television, a crucial element in winning modern-day elections.

Harris and Clinton aren’t the only marquee Democrats to campaign on behalf of New York Democrats. Hillary Clinton’s better half, former President Bill Clinton, was the keynote speaker at a Rockland County event. Former President Barack Obama also got in on the action, taking to the radio waves in support of Hochul.

Rep. Zeldin’s campaign got a recent boost when the Republican Governors Association chipped in, giving $2 million to a pro-Zeldin super PAC. Another possible factor in the congressman’s recent surge was an appearance from the highly popular governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, in Long Island a few days ago.

The drama continues as election day is on November 8, less than a week away.