Parents Fuming Over High Ice Cream Prices In NYC

New York City parents are outraged over the steep prices of ice cream, with some paying “upwards of $60” for treats that used to be affordable. The inflation-driven increase has left many feeling exploited, especially in popular spots like Astoria Park in Queens.

Henry Fernandez was stunned when he was charged $26 for a small sundae and a shake float. “I thought it’d cost me maybe $8,” Fernandez told the New York Post. “I gave her $20, expecting change, but she told me it’s more. They got me good!”

Similarly, an 11-year-old girl was shocked when her mom paid $10 for a double cone. Alison Bruce, another parent, lamented a $14 charge for a waffle cone for her son, which included a $0.99 fee for non-cash payments plus tax. “Imagine a family of four paying over $60 for ice cream. That’s upsetting,” Bruce said.

Prices were listed on the truck, but in small font near the roof, catching many customers off guard at checkout. Steven Christensen, executive director of the North American Ice Cream Association, explained that the high prices might be a result of strategic business practices in high-demand areas. “You’ve got a captive audience,” he told the Post.

Angelina Piro, an employee of the ice cream truck, defended the prices, saying, “In the Bronx, you could get a cone for $3, but look at the area you’re in. No one is going to be there.”

In contrast, Mr. Softee trucks near Union Square and vendors on the Upper West Side and in Downtown Brooklyn were selling sundaes and waffle cones for $8 cash, highlighting significant price differences across neighborhoods.

While inflation has caused annual price increases of 5-10%, according to Christensen, many social media users showed little sympathy, suggesting that the high prices are a result of voters’ choices at the ballot box.